Girl... Germany... 'sweet 17'... struggles with eating... recovered from cutting ... inapproachable. Thats what 'unnahbar' means to me. For more information just ask :)

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I just want to sleep. A coma would be nice. Or amnesia. Anything, just to get rid of this, these thoughts, whispers in my mind. →


I get so worried for all you people on Tumblr, especially you teenagers, because I see some of the most popular text posts going around that everyone seems to relate to are like huge signs of depression and/or other mental illnesses. Like come here and sit down and let’s talk about…


Repeat after me:
My body is not wrong, or ugly, too big or too thin, too pale or too dark, too broken or too strong. It is the vessel of a precious life and that is enough.

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Hey guys, I just wanted to say I’m gonna be in France till tuesday after Easter, so about 1.5 weeks I won’t be online (I won’t have any internet).

I wish you all a great Easter (to those who celebrate) and just two great weeks! 
Please be safe everyone :)

If Your Friends Ever Say They Have ADHD, Just Show Them This. →




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If We Move in Together →


If we move in together, my heart is still yours,

but that doesn’t mean all my belongings have to be.

Privacy is the beetle’s husk, the moon’s rind, a tulip’s pollen,

my own skin. Our two halves of a home may touch and coalesce,

but when I need my space, let me have it,

stars, black holes,…

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